Artist Statement

“Out Yonder woodworking”

Tree truck & wood spirit

Tree truck & wood spirit

For many years, I’ve had a love for wood – rubbing your hand across something so natural, discovering the natural grain, and imagining the beauty of an oil-rubbed finish on an unique piece.

I believe that when a tree is cut from the forest that took centuries to grow, it should be honored and used wisely and let its beauty remain for centuries more. My taste in design is organic in nature, and I feel it is my duty to develop a design that has all the elements of that tree. My past experience as a glass artisan, gardener and master carpenter influences the desire and quality of my work.

I love the art of exposed wood joinery which has been passed down from master to apprentice. Its is not only that it holds pieces of wood together, it is the strength and craftsmanship

There is no other feeling like working with my mind, hands, heart, and imagination to create something new, then sit back with pride and enjoy the visual satisfaction and craftsmanship..

I like to personally work with my clients to make something that is unique. Bring me your ideas and imagination, together we will create your dream piece of furniture or art.

Don Shomaker